Simple Kraft envelope

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A simple Kraft envelope is a type of packaging that is made of ordinary Kraft paper and has an open top.

These envelopes have the following advantages:

Eco-friendly and recyclable
Suitable for printing advertisements and logos
Cheap, economical and environmentally friendly
Can be produced in different sizes, colors and designs
It can be used for packing all kinds of food, hygiene, clothes, etc.
The simple Kraft envelope is a suitable option for those who are looking for a simple, stylish and affordable way to package their products.

Product printing and packaging with Kraft bags is an advertising method that is done using uncoated Kraft paper with natural and environmentally friendly colors.

Printing on Kraft bags has the following advantages:

Increase brand recognition and customer attraction
Providing a healthy, simple and honest image of the product
Printable in different sizes, designs and colors
Can be printed with different methods such as silk, offset and gold plating
Can be used to transport all kinds of products
Printing on Kraft bags is a suitable option for those who are looking for a creative, beautiful and sustainable way to advertise themselves

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