Paper coated composite envelope

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Paper-coated composite envelope is one of the new types of envelopes, which is made up of a combination of different layers using advanced technology.

These envelopes are made of two outer layers of polypropylene and an inner layer of paper.

These envelopes are mostly used for packing food products such as sweets, cakes, biscuits, etc. due to their paper coating. The paper coating makes the envelope resistant to moisture and dust and also looks beautiful and attractive.

Among the other advantages of the paper-coated composite envelope are:

Ability to open and close after use

product protection against ultraviolet rays

The possibility of printing on the surface of the envelope is indicated

Overall, the paper-coated composite envelope is a strong, durable and practical envelope for product packaging.

Paper-coated composite envelope is a type of packaging envelope that consists of two or more layers.

This envelope is produced using an advanced packaging process that includes layers of polymer films, paper and plant fibers. These layers are combined and a composite envelope with very suitable physical and mechanical properties is produced.

Paper coated composite envelope is used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, health and other industries packaging due to its special features. This envelope can be used as packaging envelopes for products including coffee, milk powder, energy drinks, cereals and snacks, food and chemicals.

Among the advantages of the paper-coated composite envelope, the following can be mentioned:

  • Preserving the quality of the product: by tolerating the packaging conditions of the products, this envelope prevents moisture, air and unpleasant odors from entering the envelope and helps the product to remain in the conditions Ideal to keep until consumption.
  • Increasing the shelf life of the product: due to the ability to maintain the quality of the product, the paper-coated composite envelope increases the shelf life of the product.
  • High resistance to breaking and tearing: due to the combination of different layers, composite envelope
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