Adstar Bag

Adstar bag is a type of plastic packaging bag that is used for packaging various materials, including food, medicine, chemicals, and more. This type of bag is made from high-performance polypropylene and offers advantages such as resistance to breakage, moisture, and temperature changes, high efficiency in transportation, and other technical features. As a result, it is widely used as a popular packaging solution in many industries and markets. Additionally, the Adstar bag is recognized as a sustainable packaging method due to its recyclability and environmental friendliness.

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New World is the largest manufacturer of various AD STAR bags in different sizes and colors, along with printing on AD STAR bags. The material of ADSTAR bags, also known as cement bags, is polypropylene and polyethylene. PP and PE bags are produced and supplied in New World with the best quality and the latest methods. To inquire about the price of ADSTAR bags, please contact New World experts.