Plastic Bag

Plastic bag is a type of packaging made from plastic materials and is used for transporting various products including food, electronic products, personal items, and other goods. Plastic bags are manufactured in different sizes and shapes, and they can be customized with unique printing and design using specialized machines for brands and companies. With features such as thickness, durability, transparency, and flexibility, plastic bags are popular packaging solutions in many industries and markets.

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plastic sack

New World is the largest producer of plain plastic sacks, and jumbo bags in various sizes and weights for packaging food, industrial, agricultural, and other products. Printing on plain plastic sheeting is done with the best quality using the latest industrial machinery. Printing services on plain plastic sack can be performed with the highest quality.  

Laminated plastic sack

New World is the largest producer of Laminated plastic sack, simple plastic sacks, Kraft, hemp sacks, Adstar. To inquire about the price of laminated plastic sacks, visit the site