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New World is the largest producer of plain plastic sacks, and jumbo bags in various sizes and weights for packaging food, industrial, agricultural, and other products.

Printing on plain plastic sheeting is done with the best quality using the latest industrial machinery. Printing services on plain plastic sack can be performed with the highest quality.



plastic sack refers to sheets that are made of plastic material. Polypropylene or polyethylene resin is commonly used in the production of these sheets. They are used for packaging various products in different industries.

Some examples of products that are packaged with plastic sack include:

  • Agricultural products, legumes, grains, dry goods, etc.
  • Construction industry products, gypsum, cement, sand, etc.
  • Cleaning products, personal hygiene items, and cosmetics
  • Clothing, sportswear, etc.

The price depends on various factors such as dimensions, thickness, visual appeal, etc.

This Product is recyclable, and its waste can be used to produce other plastic products. To recycle , it needs to be collected, washed, dried, and then transformed into thin strands. These strands can be transferred to plastic processing machines and shaped into new products. Recycling offers the following advantages:

  • Prevention of environmental pollution, as plastic sack takes several years to decompose when buried and emits toxic gases when burned.
  • Resource conservation, as using recycled plastic sack requires less production of new materials, resulting in energy and raw material savings.
  • Increase in employment opportunities, as activities such as collection, transportation, sales, and processing of This Product create jobs, particularly benefiting low-income groups.
  • This Product is produced in various sizes and weights, and it can be silk-screen printed with up to four colors.
  • This Product is available in roll form with different widths for industrial or construction purposes.
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