Jumbo Bags

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New World is the largest producer of sacks and bags, simple jumbo bag, laminate, box door, leafy door, military jumbo bag, etc.


Jumbo bag is a type of bag with high flexibility that is used to carry and store all kinds of bulk materials such as cement, grains, powders, etc. These bags are made of high grade polypropylene fibers and have good resistance and durability. Depending on the type of material it is going to be placed in, it may be made with laminated or non-laminated layers.

What capacities are available?

Their capacity of depends on their type and size.

They are usually produced with a capacity of 500 to 2000 kg and a volume of up to 3 cubic meters, depending on the customer’s order. Of course, They can have capacities from 500 kilos to 5 tons. How much weight each of These bags can bear depends on various factors, including the type of fibers, thickness, laminate layer, sewing method and loading method.

How should jumbo bags be stored and emptied?

Storage and emptying of jumbo bags depends on their type and content. For optimal storage of jumbo bags, you can stack them on shelves (with or without pallets) or on top of each other. But you should make sure that They are not exposed to sunlight, humidity, extreme heat and cold. You can use different modes to empty Them. If These bags has a closed or flat bottom, you can empty it by cutting the bottom of the bag. If These bags has a valve or outlet funnel, you can empty it by opening the valve or funnel repeatedly or by using machines.

تقسیم بندی جامبو بگ از نظر دوخت سر و ته جامبوبگ و بیگ بگ

Classification of jumbo bags by head and tail stitching of jumbo bags and big bags

Jumbo Bags

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