Laminated plastic sack

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Laminated plastic sack

Laminated plastic sack refers to a type of plastic fabric that is produced using plastic materials. Typically, polypropylene or polyethylene resin is used in the production of these fabrics. Laminated plastic sack is used for packaging various products such as flour, sugar, gypsum, and more. These fabrics are available in rolls, kilograms, meters, and granules in the market. The price of Laminated plastic sack depends on factors such as size, weight, material, and quantity.

Types of plastic fabrics:

This type of fabric is produced in various dimensions and is suitable for packaging and transporting agricultural, industrial, and household products.

Polyethylene fabrics: These fabrics are woven from soft plastic fibers and are suitable for transporting food, pharmaceuticals, and confectionery products.

Laminated fabrics (waterproof): This type of fabric is covered with a thin layer of plastic and is suitable for protecting products against moisture, sunlight, and dust. (In fact, it is a layer of laminated polyethylene on the plastic fabric.)

Printed fabrics: This type of fabric features colorful and attractive designs that can be used for product advertising.

Laminated plastic sack is a type of plastic fabric that is waterproof and prevents the penetration of moisture and water into its contents. This type of fabric is suitable for packaging construction materials, gypsum, cement, and more.

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