Bopp coated composite pouch

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New World is the largest producer of Bopp coated composite pouch, composite envelope with various types of covers, including paper cover, kraft cover, laminated cover (waterproof), in different sizes.

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Bopp coated composite pouch is a type of gusseted bag used for packaging various products in different industries. These pouches are composed of three layers: an inner plastic film layer, a middle laminate or polyethylene layer, and an outer Bopp coating layer.

Some of the characteristics of these pouches include:
– Beautiful and attractive appearance
– High-quality and printable for images
– Resistant to moisture, light, sunlight, odor, abrasion, and slippage
– Antistatic and pressure-resistant
– Suitable for transportation and storage

What type of products is it suitable for?
These pouches are suitable for packaging various products in different industries. Some of the products that can be packaged with these pouches include:

– Legumes, grains, dried fruits, tea, and coffee
– Flour, bread, and pastries
– Fertilizers and soil
– Clothing, stationery, and paper products
– Hygiene, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic items

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